TheLich’s VinylPlex #4

1. The Acid – Clean [Infectious Music] [Vinyl]
2. Sebastian Voigt – Capitao Pinto [In Their Feelings] [Vinyl]
3. Joy Orbison – A123 [Digital]
4. New Jackson – Having a Coke With You [Permanent Vacation] [Digital]
5. Cntrl – Samna [What You Want] [Vinyl]
6. Excess Labour – Let Your Body Cntrl The Beat (The Drifter Remix) [Zaun Records] [Vinyl]
7. Sebastian Voigt – Rua Ferreira [In Their Feelings] [Vinyl]
8. Trikk – Proto-Rhyth (Black Version) [Lossless] [Vinyl]
9. Recondite – Osa [Digital]
10. Baikal – Pelican’s Flight [Maeve] [Digital]
11. Cray76 – Burning Inside (Earth Mix) [Crowdspacer] [Vinyl]
12. Ry X – Deliverance [Infectious Music] [Digital]

Fango – Viscera 1/3 [DEGU020]

The ancient haruspex used to read chicken liver in a bid to predict the future and foresee natural disasters. Taking influence from this technic, Fango embarked on a long insular trip, reflecting down till the depths of his own soul. The outcome of this arcane ritual is “Viscera”, a series of 3 EP’s focused on the pure essence of Fango’s artistic delirium.

Obsessed with mixing bass drums, recording percussion, and sampled instruments, Italian producer Fango strives to be a virtuous perfectionist on any production within his reach.

Fango’s newest EP has already received strong report, in which it was already spun by Gilles Peterson via his weekly Worldwide show on BBC, supported by French legend Laurent Garnier as well as Dixon, Mano Le Tough and Jackmaster. His approach to creating the EP has been regarded as an “a long insular trip”, where he reflects “down into the depths of his own soul”.

Viscera EP is now available via Degustibus Music.

Motip White – The White EP [DJ005]

Right on time for Dorfjungs’ fifth anniversary, the release of “The White EP” marks catalouge number 005 for the Cologne collective. For this very conceptual work, Motip White draws samples from the furthest borders of the digital realm and exhibits them in large, white halls. This way, a quartett of detailed short storys unravels: four Kraut/Ambient/House hybrids, compatible with both the club and long car rides. The artwork on each of the 330 records in the edition was drawn with a spatula.

Only Vinyl.

Baikal – Pelican’s Flight [MAEVE09]

Artist: Baikal
Label: Maeve
Title : Pelican’s Flight
Catalogue : Maeve 09
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release date:
Digital: 20/05/2016
Vinyl: 08/07/2016

Maeve 09 is a special record. It welcomes the return of one of the founding members of the label, Baikal. Although the Dutchman has had somewhat of a hiatus from releasing music, his hard work and struggle with the process of creating forward thinking electronic music has always continued. “Pelican’s Flight” reaps the rewards of this carefully nurtured process and proves most definitely it was worth the wait.

The title track “Pelican’s Flight” is a mesmerizing ten-minute techno trip. A throbbing kick drum is decorated with sparkling synth lines all moving on their own orbit creating a trance like effect on the dance floor. The pinnacle of the trip hears rasping chords blast through the swell in a glorious moment of elation; in short this is a bomb.

The B-side “All Forces Occur In Pairs” goes deeper again, drawing the listener into a similar hypnotic state. Various sonic ideas breathe in and out of the foreground creating a swirl of expectancy and excitement. This track will cause you to close your eyes and be carried away to another dimension…

Maeve are honored to add this record to their repertoire.

Track list Vinyl / Digital :

A. Pelican’s Flight
B. All Forces Occur In Pairs