Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer – Voix Grave [DIYNAMIC089]

For a label to reach a milestone as coveted as its 10 year anniversary is no easy feat, but Diynamic has plenty of evidence as to why and how it has maintained its hold as a leading tastemaker for underground belters time and time again.

German talents collide for the latest off of Solomun’s Hamburg-based imprint. The collaborative effort ‘Voix Grave’ calls together Diynamic regular Johannes Brecht and the Berlin-based Christian Prommer, classical and jazz-inspired artist who makes his exciting debut on the label with this release.

Tried and tested by the label boss himself, the billowing, classically-rooted tones of ‘Voix Grave’ have made the track a standout and an impeccably unique moment in Solomun’s sets all throughout the summer.

10 minutes is plenty of time for Brecht and Prommer to explore an expansive journey across bursting breakdowns and cinematic string emphases. This time, however, Johannes Brecht has taken hold of his own original and offered his individual take on the piece. His classical training and a sharp ear for sound shine brightly all the way through.

The ‘Voix Grave’ release is out on November 18 and will offer the original as well as individual reinterpretations from both Johannes Brecht and Christian Prommer.