Lawyer & Lich – Polar [Tigerland01 – Overdrive Musik]

Welcome to the land of the Tigers.
After eight years of label activity Overdrive Musik launch new Various Artists Ep called Tigerland and It will be released three times a year.
The producer included are new producers who are being welcomed into the label fold for the first time.
Tigerland 01 features Daniel Waples, Parallels, Joep Mencke, Johan Mila, Nester, Lawyer & Lich, Raisell, Lannka & Valeron, Cosmosolar.
This is the start of a new era for Overdrive Musik label with the birth of a series of label party called Overdrive Music Experience, a journey into the world of label.
It’s a Jungle sometimes.

Carlo and Antonio (aka Lawyer & Lich) decide to merge their productive ideas in a project of modulation and synths, after a long and close sinergy in techno music.
Lawyer & Lich now is a project of research, combinations and technological development.

Release date:
15 December 2016