TheLich’s VinylPlex #5

1. Vermont – Dschuna
2. Dj Hell – Car Car Car (Original Mix)
3. Talaboman – Safe Changes
4. Equation III – J
5. Equation II – TD
6. Arian 911 – 7 Melodies
7. Rampa – Hall of Violence
8. Trikk – Kunu (War Mix)
9. &me – The Rapture
10. Toto Chiavetta – Nothing Really Matters
11. Chloè – The Dawn (Dixon Remix)
12. Toto Chiavetta – Analog Suite
13. Howling – Phases (Toto Chiavetta Color Two)
14. King Britt, Oba Funke – Uzoamaka (Dixon Update)
15. Roosevelt – Heart (Cleveland Remix)
16. Pale Blue – Comes Home (Pional Remix)
17. Mano Le Tough – Arganol
18. Davis – Plenitude
19. Jimi Jules – Running Away

Talaboman – The Night Land [RS1702]

It’s been over two years since Talaboman’s ‘Sideral’ EP, a joint release out on Hivern Discs and Studio Barnhus. It was John Talabot and Axel Boman’s collaborative debut and marked a new sound for the pair, consisting of rich synth motifs and vivid, afro-infused drum programming. 

The two electronic artists have been independently successful in their respective careers, responsible  for some of the most well-received dance releases in recent years (including Talabot’s ‘fin’ LP and Boman’s ‘Family Vacation’ LP) . Featuring on labels such as Permanent Vacation, Young Turks and !K7, Barcelona-based Talabot has become known for his unique take on chugging house and electronica. Similarly, Boman’s refined his own dusky aesthetic via Pampa, Hypercolour and his own Studio Barnhus imprint. 

Now, the pair come back together with an album’s worth of material in a release titled ‘The Night Land’. Due for release on [date], via R&S records, ‘The Night Land’ continues Talaboman’s head-first dive into the deeper reaches of their conjoined musical creativity. 

Nothing’s really changed since their first release, apart from the fact that this time round they produced (in their own words) an “absurd amount of music”. Writing sessions spread out across studios in Barcelona, Stockholm, and Gothenburg have given space to nascent ideas, where the two have been able to mature their sound.

The music is patient and warm, but also broad and diverse. ‘Midnattssol’ opens with atmospheric tropical panoramas, coloured by rhythmic stick hits and bell chimes. ‘Safe Changes’ and ‘Brutal Chugga-Chugga’ are hazy slow burners that crawl at a nonchalant pace, while tracks like ‘Samsa’ and ‘The Ghosts Hood’ are contrastingly more immediate and assertive. 

‘The Night Land’, as the title suggests, “is a journey inwards, an attempt to reach our subconscious and to document our dreams. We want to ignite hope and push imagination. Close your eyes and open your mind.” Even when many tracks involve the heavy use of synthesisers and distortion, Talaboman have been sure to keep things sounding organic and light. 

There is no complicated message or hidden concept behind this release, it’s simply “two persons meeting and playing music, a catalan and a swede talking blip blop until we felt that we had something worth saying” – and perhaps unsurprisingly this impromptu style of working has resulted in an album that is rich and vivid, but also feels somehow pure and sincere.

The message is clear: “Love is all this world needs. Loosen up those tight fists and give your sisters and brothers a helping hand and dance your anger away.”

Lawyer & Lich – Polar [Tigerland01 – Overdrive Musik]

Welcome to the land of the Tigers.
After eight years of label activity Overdrive Musik launch new Various Artists Ep called Tigerland and It will be released three times a year.
The producer included are new producers who are being welcomed into the label fold for the first time.
Tigerland 01 features Daniel Waples, Parallels, Joep Mencke, Johan Mila, Nester, Lawyer & Lich, Raisell, Lannka & Valeron, Cosmosolar.
This is the start of a new era for Overdrive Musik label with the birth of a series of label party called Overdrive Music Experience, a journey into the world of label.
It’s a Jungle sometimes.

Carlo and Antonio (aka Lawyer & Lich) decide to merge their productive ideas in a project of modulation and synths, after a long and close sinergy in techno music.
Lawyer & Lich now is a project of research, combinations and technological development.

Release date:
15 December 2016


Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer – Voix Grave [DIYNAMIC089]

For a label to reach a milestone as coveted as its 10 year anniversary is no easy feat, but Diynamic has plenty of evidence as to why and how it has maintained its hold as a leading tastemaker for underground belters time and time again.

German talents collide for the latest off of Solomun’s Hamburg-based imprint. The collaborative effort ‘Voix Grave’ calls together Diynamic regular Johannes Brecht and the Berlin-based Christian Prommer, classical and jazz-inspired artist who makes his exciting debut on the label with this release.

Tried and tested by the label boss himself, the billowing, classically-rooted tones of ‘Voix Grave’ have made the track a standout and an impeccably unique moment in Solomun’s sets all throughout the summer.

10 minutes is plenty of time for Brecht and Prommer to explore an expansive journey across bursting breakdowns and cinematic string emphases. This time, however, Johannes Brecht has taken hold of his own original and offered his individual take on the piece. His classical training and a sharp ear for sound shine brightly all the way through.

The ‘Voix Grave’ release is out on November 18 and will offer the original as well as individual reinterpretations from both Johannes Brecht and Christian Prommer.

Benedikt Frey – Out Of Here (Remixes) [HVN036]

Benedikt Frey’s arresting Out Of Here was the second entry of Hivern Blanc series. Originally a vinyl-only limited release, now the track gets a fresh new treatment in the hands of two mainstays of European techno: Roman Flügel and Simon Haydo.

Flügel’s Cosmic Disco Drama Rework lives up to its name, maintaining the noir disco spirit of the original track but infusing it with tension-building sequences and strings that give it an extra mischievous twist. Our favorite frankfurter also straightens the rhythmic skeleton and adds shuffling shakers to make it a relentless dancefloor weapon. Haydo’s remix delves into a more dismal terrain, transforming the vocals into haunted echoes, adding esoteric synths and topping it all with razor-sharp percussion in what sounds like a storm of ice asteroids falling into a lake of steel.
The 12” comes in a beautiful sleeve featuring an exclusive illustration by Barcelona-based artist Pau López and design by Arnau Pi.

Various Artists – Secret Weapons Part 8 [IV67]

Innervisions has announced details of its next compilation, Secret Weapons Part 8.
The Secret Weapons series has been running since 2007 as a platform for Innervisions founders Dixon and Âme to release tracks they’ve been playing out. Part 8 arrives a little over a year since the release of Part 7, and comprises 13 tunes from associates new and old. Longtime affiliate Culoe De Song supplies one cut, as do first-timers like Mosca, Alex.Do, Quarion and Rampa. Prins Thomas, who also appears to be debuting on the label, delivers a remix.

Full tracklist following:

A1 Yotam Avni – Tikkun
A2 Ingrid Lukas – We Are (Manuel Tur Remix 3)
B1 Rampa – Necessity
C1 Fred und Luna – Im Klanggarten (Prins Thomas Remix)
C2 Mosca – In This Life Or The Next
D1 Alex.Do – Drenched
E1 Eagles & Butterflies – X
E2 Davis Feat. Cameo Culture – Blind
F1 Denis Horvat – Momak
G1 Quarion – Monolith
G2 Dino Lenny – A Certain Distance (Dixon Retouch)
H1 Culoe De Song – Judgement Day
H2 Francesco Chiocci – Nightmares

“It started with the idea and a few tracks and it ended with this megalomaniac looking package.
One of the finest compilations we put together ever, touching every corner of today’s clubmusic we love!”
Kristian (Âme).

The package arrives on September 23rd.

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Feat. Junior – Lingala [ADID013]

For over five years, All Day I Dream has been where deep and emotive meet House music. Propelled by a community of forward thinking artists drawn around the scion of master curator and sunset/sunrise set specialist, Lee Burridge.
All Day I Dream formally welcomes Lost Desert to the label with the release of Lingala, a two-track collaborative effort with Burridge himself, that also features Junior on vocals. Lost Desert was picked out of obscurity after Burridge discovered his music while trekking in a remote area of a long lost land. A fast forged friendship inevitably lead to the studio, and Lingala’s the enrapturing sophomore result. The duo’s first project together debuted on Lee’s night time imprint, Get Weird, earlier this year to widespread support.
Lingala, is a beautifully composed ten-minute sonic journey. Built around a mystical lead vocal sung by newcomer Junior in his native Linagles the raw emotion slowly builds in intensity over propulsive basslines and deep melodic grooves . Gorje Hewek & Izhevski’s interpretation of Lingala is a markedly different affair. Focussing on musical layers rather than the vocal the duo’s signature spacey atmospheres and minimal rhythmic percussion add extra strings creating uplifting moments that contrast the original’s mood.

Lost Scripts – S.O.P./A.F.K. [HVNED04]

Next up on Hivern Disc’s edit series comes a very special vinyl-only release by collaborative project Lost Scripts – a match made in heaven between label head John Talabot and Pional.

“A.F.K.” is our highlight, found on the flip and providing an uplifting Afro-inspired house track. The track balances its influences evenly, with percussive saturation and ritualistic vocal chants entwining with curly synth patterns, creating a journey that starts – as the Hivern family put it rightly themselves – ‘in the savannah and ends in outer space’.

HVNED04 drops on July 29th as a limited edition 10″, housed in a silk-screened sleeve.

Peter Pardeike – Love Supreme [CNS081]

Right after having dropped “Connaisseur”, the epic collaboration with Olderic, on the 10th year anniversary release, Peter Pardeike now fInally presents his solo debut. Living in Cologne, Peter is mostly known for his collaborations with Marcus Worgull on Innervisions.
Living in Cologne, Peter is mostly known for his collaborations with Marcus Worgull on Innervisions.
His own musical influences can easily be traced to his club socialization in the 90s.
With the title Love Supreme , Peter Pardeike delivers a monster of a track, which we are sure you will not forget. When the remarkable vocoder choir comes in for the first time, you will feel it reverberate through your entire body, making it stick in you mind forever.
“Love Supreme” will defInitely catch your full attention.The track’s sequences inaugurate a dance in which they en- and detangle themselves with a dulcet triplet acid approach and an almost poppish vocal loop repetition. This track has everything you need, for now and forever.
“Nero” on the flipside is a symphony of emotions.
Don’t be fooled by the strong marching kick drum and its angular bassline, this track is as tender as swiss chocolate and as majestic as the house of Lannister.
We promise goosebumps and recommend having a person to hug, to dance and to fall in love with next to you.

Sunrise calling!

TheLich’s VinylPlex #4

1. The Acid – Clean [Infectious Music] [Vinyl]
2. Sebastian Voigt – Capitao Pinto [In Their Feelings] [Vinyl]
3. Joy Orbison – A123 [Digital]
4. New Jackson – Having a Coke With You [Permanent Vacation] [Digital]
5. Cntrl – Samna [What You Want] [Vinyl]
6. Excess Labour – Let Your Body Cntrl The Beat (The Drifter Remix) [Zaun Records] [Vinyl]
7. Sebastian Voigt – Rua Ferreira [In Their Feelings] [Vinyl]
8. Trikk – Proto-Rhyth (Black Version) [Lossless] [Vinyl]
9. Recondite – Osa [Digital]
10. Baikal – Pelican’s Flight [Maeve] [Digital]
11. Cray76 – Burning Inside (Earth Mix) [Crowdspacer] [Vinyl]
12. Ry X – Deliverance [Infectious Music] [Digital]