Superpitcher – The Golden Ravedays 9 [TGR009]

Musically and emotionally, Superpitcher’s third full-length studio album, The Golden Ravedays is a one sound autobiography that exhibits the skill, feeling and style that the artist has honed over a period of twenty years, musically, and forty-plus-years, emotionally.

Side A features Hiding.

Imagine galloping sea horses pulling a Christmas chariot filled with dreams-come-true past enchanting mermaids, smiling sharks, waving tortoises and nonplused eels, leaving a gifted blanket of mystical sound in their wake.

Hiding stretches and breaks into many layers of listening love without enforcing one particular sound.

Side B features Flying.

The piece is occupied by a subaquatic melody colored by whale sounds and the echoes of immersed guitar strings.

Flying is not about complex development or diversity but the weightless drifting of sounds that create a wonderfully hazy cloud to lose oneself in and fly, deliciously with the dolphins.

Rest assure, the ending is be speckled with whimsical chimes showers, paving the way for the softest of landings

Axel Boman – Geeks / Woodoo [BARNBARN01]

Barnbarn means”grand child” in Swedish and is a sub-label to Studio Barnhus where i will be putting out mostly my own music, apart from my usual engagement in the mother label. It will be a vinyl only affair and always designed by Robin Ekemark, the genius childhood friend of mine that did so many artworks for me in the past. Hope you will enjoy it!

Xxx 004 – Part One [XXX0041]

“XXX004 is a compilation that will take you on a trip full of emotions. We carefully selected nine different tracks by nine different artists released on two different vinyl, suitable for all type of situations. Part one is dancefloor ready with four tracks produced by artists from all over Europe. The cover is designed by artofsomething, a well known artist in Amsterdam nightlife. His artwork fits perfectly with the infinite nature of this release. Watch the dance floor while playing them out loud.

Khidja – Impossible Holiday [HVN039]

Flore and Rusu met in high school. Growing together through various musical phases, they ended up channeling their love for outlandish dance music into one of the most exciting projects to emerge from the bubbling Eastern Europe underground scene. In their Hivern debut, they keep pushing the boundaries of their sound to forge some of their boldest productions to date. In all four tracks of ‘Impossible Holiday’, we find distinctive elements of the Khidja palette recomposed under a new (and darker) light. With it’s persistent guitars and syncopated drums, ‘Die Wilde Spirale’ sounds as German krautrockers experimenting with Trinidadian rhythms and inventing a new kind of industrial funk along the way. ‘Pinnacles’ sees the duo exploring cosmic techno terrains, building up tension with a misty arpeggio and eerie vocals until making the track explode into a momentary synth hecatomb that will cause frenzy even in the toughest dance floors. “Haetrin” is a sultry composition constructed around a lush arpeggio that keeps contorting through all sorts of mallet tones and ritualistic percussion to consciousness-altering effects. The closing track, “Kraftfeld” is another of Khidja’s unmistakable psyched-up productions, leaded by a motorik bass line and topped with frisky synths, fx experimentation and torrid vocals. The 12” comes wrapped in a sleeve featuring an oil painting by the Romanian artist Serban Savu and design by Arnau Pi.

AERA – Aera [HVN038]

Ralf Schmidt has always been a nomadic soul. A spirit that reflects into his expansive take on house music. Yet, his first installment for Hivern might be his most diverse work to date. Four tracks with traces of techno, house, electro and even trance that showcase Aera’s vivid vision and pristine production skills. Bibimbap starts things off by contrasting sparkling ambiences with caustic electro-infused sequences that keep meandering while a gauzy melody provides a mystifying counterpoint. Thai Park presents a much more humid atmosphere, pairing a woozy bassline with the shimmering tones of digital synths and building up the tension with menacing leads that sound as a swarm of tropical insects gliding through the jungle. On the flip, Rotunde builds around a rubbery bass, heavenly plucked notes and effervescent arpeggios. It’s a serene take on trance, that reminds us that there’s no need for saccharine to reach bliss. Lumen is the most vigorous track of the release, providing a heady trip through steady chords and playful arps with cyberdelic accents. It might have a big-room kick, but with all the nuances of a headphone-treat. The 12 inch comes wrapped in a sleeve by Barcelona-based designer Xavier Mar.

SBHT – Ribolla Ep [LL1211]

“Labelbosses SBTH return to their mothership and take over the steering wheel, capture the vibe from the previous releases and add a little Munich touch. I’ve played “Ribolla” since a couple of weeks, being one of my favourites at the moment. Like Giorgio Mordoder would do a proper modern house track… a trippy journey!”

John Talabot – Voices [PERMVAC154-1]

John Talabot’s next release will be the Voices EP on Permanent Vacation.

Talabot and the Munich-based Permanent Vacation first linked up with the My Old School 12-inch in 2009. The Spanish producer has put some of his best-known work on the house and disco label in the years since, including his RA Recommended ƒIN LP back in 2012. Voices will be the first John Talabot solo single of 2016 (he released Parple #1 as Parple in March), and comes with a “Version Conga” remix from Gerd Janson.

Jimi Jules – Equinox [ZKR005]

Swiss producer Jimi Jules has a small but perfectly formed discography. Within it, you’ll find collaborations with Berlin-based big hitter Oliver $, as well as releases on both Defected and Watergate. Equinox is his debut album, and sees him successfully expand his musical repertoire beyond the club-ready deep house he’s known for. Thanks to the use of musicians – drummers, guitarists and such-like – there’s a loose, warm and quietly soulful feel throughout. Highlights include the dusty, tech-tinged deep house shuffle of the effortlessly soulful “Lost Love”, the head-nodding, trumpet-laden modern soul warmth of “Too Young For Me”, the Innervisions style atmosphere of “Truth Light”, and the dubby, dusty-eyed stumble of immaculate closer “Sirup”.

Quentin – Mirage/Rain [HVN037]

A collaborative EP from John Talabot and Marc Piñol will come out on Hivern Discs this month.

Due out October 21st, it’s the duo’s first full single as Quentin. (They previously contributed a track under that name to a split 7-inch in 2014.) “Mirage” has been on heavy rotation in the Hivern crew’s sets for more than a year, and it’s paired with a tune called “Rain.” It’s John Talabot’s second collaborative release of 2016, following an edit 12-inch with Pional as Lost Scripts.

Moscoman – A Shot In The Light Lp [ESP033]

Moscoman arrived at the ESP Institute last year with a fistful of killer tracks and an imitable recipe for hummous, since then we’ve seen his debut with the dancefloor bomb ‘Akachi’ and a collaborative follow-up release with long-time cohorts Red Axes. We’re now excited to enter a new chapter with Moscoman’s debut full-length album ‘A Shot In The Light’. This creative outpouring spans years of musical trials and tribulations, finally coming full circle to tell the story of an artist leaving his home in Tel Aviv to pursue his passions in the electronic mecca of Berlin and beyond. Moscoman’s unique approach evolves and devolves over the course of eight songs, enduring highs and lows yet never resting for too long in one place—thus illustrating his personal metamorphosis as well as his acute skill of giving many voices to one wild imagination. This music is deliberate, almost cheeky with a youthful sense of optimism running throughout, and even in its most aggressive moment there is always an element of hope.