AERA – Aera [HVN038]

Ralf Schmidt has always been a nomadic soul. A spirit that reflects into his expansive take on house music. Yet, his first installment for Hivern might be his most diverse work to date. Four tracks with traces of techno, house, electro and even trance that showcase Aera’s vivid vision and pristine production skills. Bibimbap starts things off by contrasting sparkling ambiences with caustic electro-infused sequences that keep meandering while a gauzy melody provides a mystifying counterpoint. Thai Park presents a much more humid atmosphere, pairing a woozy bassline with the shimmering tones of digital synths and building up the tension with menacing leads that sound as a swarm of tropical insects gliding through the jungle. On the flip, Rotunde builds around a rubbery bass, heavenly plucked notes and effervescent arpeggios. It’s a serene take on trance, that reminds us that there’s no need for saccharine to reach bliss. Lumen is the most vigorous track of the release, providing a heady trip through steady chords and playful arps with cyberdelic accents. It might have a big-room kick, but with all the nuances of a headphone-treat. The 12 inch comes wrapped in a sleeve by Barcelona-based designer Xavier Mar.

SBHT – Ribolla Ep [LL1211]

“Labelbosses SBTH return to their mothership and take over the steering wheel, capture the vibe from the previous releases and add a little Munich touch. I’ve played “Ribolla” since a couple of weeks, being one of my favourites at the moment. Like Giorgio Mordoder would do a proper modern house track… a trippy journey!”

Lawyer & Lich – Polar [Tigerland01 – Overdrive Musik]

Welcome to the land of the Tigers.
After eight years of label activity Overdrive Musik launch new Various Artists Ep called Tigerland and It will be released three times a year.
The producer included are new producers who are being welcomed into the label fold for the first time.
Tigerland 01 features Daniel Waples, Parallels, Joep Mencke, Johan Mila, Nester, Lawyer & Lich, Raisell, Lannka & Valeron, Cosmosolar.
This is the start of a new era for Overdrive Musik label with the birth of a series of label party called Overdrive Music Experience, a journey into the world of label.
It’s a Jungle sometimes.

Carlo and Antonio (aka Lawyer & Lich) decide to merge their productive ideas in a project of modulation and synths, after a long and close sinergy in techno music.
Lawyer & Lich now is a project of research, combinations and technological development.

Release date:
15 December 2016


Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer – Voix Grave [DIYNAMIC089]

For a label to reach a milestone as coveted as its 10 year anniversary is no easy feat, but Diynamic has plenty of evidence as to why and how it has maintained its hold as a leading tastemaker for underground belters time and time again.

German talents collide for the latest off of Solomun’s Hamburg-based imprint. The collaborative effort ‘Voix Grave’ calls together Diynamic regular Johannes Brecht and the Berlin-based Christian Prommer, classical and jazz-inspired artist who makes his exciting debut on the label with this release.

Tried and tested by the label boss himself, the billowing, classically-rooted tones of ‘Voix Grave’ have made the track a standout and an impeccably unique moment in Solomun’s sets all throughout the summer.

10 minutes is plenty of time for Brecht and Prommer to explore an expansive journey across bursting breakdowns and cinematic string emphases. This time, however, Johannes Brecht has taken hold of his own original and offered his individual take on the piece. His classical training and a sharp ear for sound shine brightly all the way through.

The ‘Voix Grave’ release is out on November 18 and will offer the original as well as individual reinterpretations from both Johannes Brecht and Christian Prommer.

John Talabot – Voices [PERMVAC154-1]

John Talabot’s next release will be the Voices EP on Permanent Vacation.

Talabot and the Munich-based Permanent Vacation first linked up with the My Old School 12-inch in 2009. The Spanish producer has put some of his best-known work on the house and disco label in the years since, including his RA Recommended ƒIN LP back in 2012. Voices will be the first John Talabot solo single of 2016 (he released Parple #1 as Parple in March), and comes with a “Version Conga” remix from Gerd Janson.

Jimi Jules – Equinox [ZKR005]

Swiss producer Jimi Jules has a small but perfectly formed discography. Within it, you’ll find collaborations with Berlin-based big hitter Oliver $, as well as releases on both Defected and Watergate. Equinox is his debut album, and sees him successfully expand his musical repertoire beyond the club-ready deep house he’s known for. Thanks to the use of musicians – drummers, guitarists and such-like – there’s a loose, warm and quietly soulful feel throughout. Highlights include the dusty, tech-tinged deep house shuffle of the effortlessly soulful “Lost Love”, the head-nodding, trumpet-laden modern soul warmth of “Too Young For Me”, the Innervisions style atmosphere of “Truth Light”, and the dubby, dusty-eyed stumble of immaculate closer “Sirup”.